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  **  Development  **

Mouse Atlas and Gene Expression Database Project
Kidney Development Database
Neural Tube Defect Mouse Model Resource
Mouse models for studying neural tube defects
Magnetic resonance microscopy of embryos
Digital Atlas of Mouse Embryology (CD-ROM of MRI images)
Mouse Embryo Protein Database (dead link?)
Staging mouse embryos (Theiler)
Atlas of Developmental Abnormalities in Common Laboratory Mammals
Mammary Development in Whole Mount
Glandular Organ Development Databases
Muritech 2-D Atlas Demo
MGI Mouse Anatomic Dictionary of Development
Edinberg Mouse Development Atlas Standard Nomenclature Database
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  **  Organismal Physiology and Pathology  **

Also, see the Whole Mouse Catalog's Organ Navigator.

Mouse or rat genes of interest in endocrinology and reproduction
Mouse liver protein database sample (interactive), from the Argonne Protein Mapping Group
Mouse 2D-PAGE Liver Protein Database
Mouse 2D-PAGE Kidney Protein Database
Mammary Transgene Database (with search)
Mouse models for studying cataracts
Human exposure/rodent potency carcinogen hazards information (and related info)
The Cybermouse project (dead link?)
Growth Charts and Physiological Information on Selected Mouse Lines
Neuro Mouse, software database of murine neurological information (for PC)
Harvard Skin Disease Research Center, Transgenic and ES Cell Gene Knockout Models
Kidney Defects in Mutant Animals
Mammary Gland Pathology in Transgenic Mice
Mouse Models for Genetically Based Skin and Hair Diseases
Listing of mouse models for human disease
Pathology of Genetically-altered Mice
NIEHS Predictive-Toxicology Evaluation Project
TJL Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB) Prototype Database
Endocrinology and Reproduction, Mouse Gene Catalog  New!
Craniofacial mutant mouse profiles  New!
RENI toxicologic pathology database  New!
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  **  Anatomy  **

Also, see the Whole Mouse Catalog's Organ Navigator (under development).

Rat brain atlas, UCLA Neuro Imaging
3-D Reconstructions - NASA Ames Biocomputation Center [reconstruction examples]
Resources and data on the genetic control of neuron number and brain size in mice
Radiographs of the laboratory rat
Functional Anatomy of the Rat, Interactive videodisk and hypercard software (Mac)
Atlas of the Mouse Brain
Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Brain Collection: Mouse
Perform a Mouse Necropsy on the Web
NeuroMouse Database
Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS): Vocabulary of Animal Anatomy (also by hierarchical category)
Cliniweb International: Anatomy Browser (mouse and human)  New!
Rodent Skulls Database  New!
Mouse Brain Atlas & Mouse Brain Library  New!
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  **  Disease Models  **

Items in this section are generally not links to scientific papers, but to texts that provide a scientific review of or a layperson's perspective on a particular development. Also included are pages that collect links about a specific disease model or set of models. These selections are far from comprehensive at this time, but will be expanded significantly.

Also, see the section on Engineered Mutants for more general references.

Alzheimer's Disease
Scientists develop mouse model for Alzheimer's Disease
Athena and Lilly sign agreement for transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's Disease
Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T)
Genetically engineered mouse provides researchers with tool to study many aspects of human disease, Ataxia Telangiectasia
Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic Fibrosis mouse models
Helicobacter pylori and Peptic Ulcers
Mouse studies show how ulcer bacteria really work (also here)
Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH)
Mutant mouse may lead to treatment for the most commonly inherited disease in caucasians
Hirschsprung Disease
A mouse model for a Hirschsprung Disease gene
Huntington's Disease
Mouse model to be distributed by Jackson Laboratory
Phenylketonuria (PKU)
The mouse genetic PKU model home page
Sickle-Cell Disease
Transgenic mice with Sickle-Cell Disease
Berkeley Scientists Develop Mouse Model For Sickle Cell Research  New!

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