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  **  Animal Supplies and Suppliers  **

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  **  Veterinary and Other Animal Care Resources  **

This section makes no attempt to be comprehensive. Please see the NetVet home page for an exhaustive resource.

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  **  Software  **

Encyclopedia of the Mouse Genome software (currently for Unix and Mac)
Map Manager (for Mac and PC)
Mouse Up - hypercard-based software for tracking transgenic mice [Mac]
Rat Base: Software for rodent breeders
Neuro Mouse, software database of murine neurological information (for PC)
Anaesthesia and Analgesia of Laboratory Animals (Mac hypercard software)
Pedigree drawing software
Mouse Colony Databases using FileMaker Pro
TOPAZ Transgenic Breeding Colony Management Software
PROGENY pedigree drawing and relational database
LAMS breeding colony software
Pedigree/Draw and PEDSYS
Sniffy the Virtual Rat (operant conditioning)  New!
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  **  Technical Guides and Protocols  **

Also see: Educational institutions' engineered mutants facilities.

Manual for in situ hybridisation of whole mount embryos, tissue sections, and cells (A. Groves)
Tail DNA preparation (w/o phenol) for tail dots or PCR (E. Mercer)
Relatively complete guide to staining for lacZ with X-gal (E. Mercer)
Genotyping protocols for Jackson Laboratory IMR mice
Staining for beta-galactosidase (Jackson Laboratory)
DNA extraction from tail w/o organic solvents (Jackson Laboratory)
DNA extraction from whole blood for PCR (Jackson Laboratory)
DNA extraction from tail w/ phenol (Jackson Laboratory)
Protocols Related to DNA Microinjection
Some considerations and also protocols for ES cell work
Tail DNA Extraction and DNA Purification for Injection, and some other protocols
Rat olfactory bulb ensheathing cell cultures (O4+ glioblasts) (R. Doucette)
University of Michigan Transgenic Animal Model Core protocols
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  **  Printed Texts and Videos  **

These are texts and videos not available on-line
Transgenic Techniques in Mice: A Video Guide (1989)
Targeted Mutagenesis in Mice: A Video Guide (1993)
Manipulating the Mouse Embryo: A Laboratory Manual (1994) 
Molecular Genetics of Early Drosophila and Mouse Development (1989) 
Genetic Manipulation of the Early Mammalian Embryo (1985) 
Atlas of Prenatal Rat Brain Development (1994) 
Chemoarchitectonic Atlas of the Developing Mouse Brain (1997) 
Golgi Atlas of the Postnatal Mouse Brain 
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  **  Selected Bookshelf References  **

These are available on a separate page.
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